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‘Par-teeing’ At Sunrise

Attorney-at-law Maurice Smith and Carolyn Yapp, marketing director at Iberostar The Club (RORY DALEY)

Dotted with food stations of myriad categories, branded watering holes, and canopied enclaves, the Carnival Saturday edition of the ever-popular Sunrise Breakfast Party series turned the water-saturated greens of the Constant Spring Golf Course into a veritable soca village, on April 22. Canvassing ... Read More

A Love Like This! (KENYON HEMANS) Vows cover photo: A Love Like This!

The newly announced Mr and Mrs Zico Barnett walk down the grassy, rose petal-strewn aisle at Trident Castle. (KENYON HEMANS) Vows April 24 - A Love Like This
Celebrating the holiest of unions, perfectly coinciding with the holy season, Zico Barnett officiall ... Read More

Alicia Burke (second right) in a custom dress by Jimi Urquiaga with (from left) Ajak Deng, in a customised Jimi Urquiaga dress, Saul Rodriguea in pants by Waltz Achok Majak in an Alberta Ferretti jumpsuit and Duckie Thot in a customised Jimi Urquiaga dress. (MARIANO VIVANCO) AW Fashion: Burke’s Call
Alicia Burke is on a roll. The Pulse model beauty recently landed her second advertising campaign fo ... Read More


Saturday, April 22, 2017    

Pulse models Sashalee Atkinson (left) and Tennith Atterbury (centre) with chef Jhonelle Palmer — visiting from Michigan (PHOTOS: NICOLINA DIABO)

Headlined by vodka brand Absolut, the I Love Soca cooler fête series officially expanded into a festival on Wednesday, days ahead of Kingston’s Carnival climax. As bring-your-own-bottle-toting socaphiles mangled, in-demand genre disc jocks and recording artistes ably maintained an air of the familiar. Saturday Social shines the spotlight on partygoers at the downtown Kingston waterfront venue. Read More

SOCIAL: ‘The Fun Also Rises’

Friday, April 21, 2017    

Transportation planner Selena Mohammed-Wilson and her husband Maurice, a director at Wilson’s Engineering Works. (RORY DALEY)

In the thick of the Lenten season, on the sandy shores of Pearly Beach West in St Ann, the annual Frenchmen Rise Up Breakfast Party was held last Saturday. Devotees of the daytime bash — seriously styling in tropical casual threads — turned out en masse to soak up early morning temps and soca thrills, coralled by Hype Man Patrick Alexis. Friday Social goes people-watching. Read More

Stirring The Pot @ Simma Soupery & Bakery

Thursday, April 20, 2017    

The Simma Caprese Sandwich with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and a basil pesto. (Josina Jackson)

Simma Soupery & Bakery is the brainchild of Dean Kirkland. As a lover of good hearty Jamaican soups and a maker of same, he realised that the overall ability to get a variety of soups was lacking on the Kingston food scene. The regular choice was always red peas and chicken, and a few others by chance. Simma hoped to provide a wide selection on a daily basis by serving seven freshly prepared soups, in order to give the consumer choices. Simma Soupery & Bakery opened its doors in August ... Read More

Best Product 2017 Nominee: Turner’s Choice Dried Sorrel

Thursday, April 20, 2017    

University of Technology (UTech) student and Sagicor Inspire Project alum Jasmine Wilson shows her absolute delight with Turner’s Choice Dried Sorrel. (Photo: Garfield Robinson)

Principals: Allison Turner and Oral Turner Contact: 965-5078 E-mail: Website: We made this product because… it complemented our invention, the Sorrel Harvesting Machine, the first machine in the world, USA-patented, that can strip sorrel. While developing the machine we started to accumulate the by-product sorrel and were drying it for long-life storage. We soon realised it was an excellent opportunity to earn revenue for the compa ... Read More

Best Product 2017 Nominee: Savoury Beetroot Juice

Thursday, April 20, 2017    

Jonique Poyser, sales manager, Savoury Products Beetroot Juice, presents her products. (Garfield Robinson)

Principal: Igol Pringle Uli Enterprise Limited Owner: Igol Pringle e-mail: I started the company... in 2007. I was employed at Alumina Partners of Jamaica (ALPART). I used family members and friends to... taste-test our first two drinks, notably sorrel and ginger beer. I then attended... a course in Natural Drinks Production at the Scientific Research Council (SRC) in order to become certified. The range of Savoury Products (drinks) hit the supermarket shelves ... Read More

Best Product 2017 Nominee: Ara Chia Seed Jam

Thursday, April 20, 2017    

Executive culinary artiste Oji Jaja of Ashebre modern Caribbean Cuisine used (from left) Ara blueberry chia seed jam paired with a scotch bonnet blini (mini pancake), Ara pineapple chia seed jam paired with smoked marlin and a parmesan tuile and Ara mixed fruit and strawberry chia seed jam teamed with goat cheese and a slice of ciabatta bread to demonstrate the product’s range (Garfield Robinson)

Principals: Ayesha Dawes-Allen and Ramaar E-mail: Chia Seed jam is… an all-natural fruit spread made from chia seeds (a super food) and fruits. The seeds produce a gel-like texture when they come in contact with liquid and this forms the jam-like texture. I made this product because... I am always looking for new things to make in the kitchen, especially healthy, non-processed foods, and the health benefits of chia seeds were what ... Read More

Best Product 2017 Nominee: KMJ Natural Juices

Thursday, April 20, 2017    

Nominee: KMJ Natural Juice vegetable juice, carrot mango juice, pineapple juice and green juice. (Garfield Robinson)

Principal: Khadesha Whyte E-mail: Tel: 892-3188 Product: Natural Green Juice, Vegetable Juice, Pineapple Juice and Carrot Mango Juice I made these products because... whilst growing up, my mom pretty much taught me to live a healthy lifestyle. When I was pregnant with my first son I had a lot of struggles because, for one, I was anaemic so I had to change my diet completely. That’s when I started juicing and reducing my daily intake of sugar. I went to live ... Read More

Apéritifs & Digestifs — What’s the difference?

Thursday, April 20, 2017    

An apéritif/aperitif is served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. This category includes drinks like Lillet from France, Fino Sherry from Spain, and an entire range of “bitters” such as Aperol and Campari from Italy. (Reckord)

After enjoying several very long lunches and slow late dinners, I am reminded why I prefer the relaxed European way of dining to the hurried style that some of my friends subscribe to. Easter holidays in Europe proved to be emotional, educational, exciting and delicious. Our first meal in Paris was a two-hour lunch which began with an Apéritifs and ended with a digestif (aperitivo and digestivo in Italian). One of the interesting things about visiting this region is the culture of ... Read More

A Sanctuary For Wine Lovers

Thursday, April 20, 2017    

The Cecile Levee-designed interior of Wine with Me (Aceion Cunningham)

Thursday Food announced the promise and now shares the delivery of Wine With Me, Cecile Levee’s ever-so-comfy wine haven at the Beachcomber Hotel on Norman Manley Blvd in Negril. It was worth the trip and is as exquisite as it is comfy; the décor doesn’t for one second let you forget you are in a sanctuary dedicated to wine lovers and enthusiasts. As Jamaicans would say, every ‘crevice and corner’ speaks the language of vino. This naturally came as no surpr ... Read More

Best Product 2017 Nominee: Carita Breadfruit Flour

Thursday, April 20, 2017    

Rita Hilton (left), CEO of Carita Jamaica Limited and the brains behind Carita gluten-free breadfruit flour, and the company’s  operations manager Tekka Dellop proudly present their product. (Garfield Robinson)

Carita Jamaica Limited Principal: Rita Hilton E-mail:; Website: Address: 188 Spanish Road, Kingston 11 Tel: 923-7050/923-6673 The breadfruit flour project started as… an infant school feeding programme to help alleviate poverty by Trees That Feed Foundation, which is a not-for-profit public charity to provide a nutritious breakfast option for children. Their mission is to plant trees to feed people, create jo ... Read More



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