Letters to the Editor

Land tax increase chaos created by both parties

There is no doubt that the tax measures are harsh. That the Government failed to have assessed the real impact, particularly of property taxes.

Dear Editor, Over numerous decades since Independence both governments have injected the notion in the minds of Jamaicans that taxing one’s property realistically is almost sacrilegious. Doing that would be the surest way to lose an election. They resorted to imposing ridiculously low land ta ... Read More

Deal with the unfinished electoral business
Dear Editor, We should not wait until the next local government election to resurrect the issue of ... Read More

Look at availability of drugs for JADEP members
Dear Editor, In 1996 the Government established the Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme (JADEP). ... Read More

We need a debt hero
Dear Editor, In 1981, when I was born, Jamaica’s debt-to-GDP was about 70 per cent. Some 10 y ... Read More

Local government elections just a distraction

Thursday, November 17, 2016    

Dear Editor, All this talk, time and money for local government elections is really a waste of time. Yes, I believe in democracy and people power, but the upcoming elections are nothing about these. First, it seems 90 per cent of the nation doesn’t even care. No, I’ve done no polls, but last week we were interested in the US presidential elections and this week we are in thanksgiving and Black Friday preparation mode. Why really bother? Just to say we have had elections? That&rsq ... Read More

Threat averted

Wednesday, November 16, 2016    

Peter Phillips

Dear Editor, The Jamaica Observer news story headlined ‘Government, Opposition settle Portmore councillor issue’ of Thursday, November 10, 2016 inadequately conveys the full extent of statements made by Dr Peter Phillips in Parliament on Wednesday, November 9. While the Government was initially seeking to proceed to a second reading and debate of the Bill – An Act to Amend the Local Government Act – Dr Phillips indicated that the Government was treading on “dange ... Read More

America, time for an amicable divorce?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016    

Dear Editor, Every four years the United States elects a new president. And every four years the outcome makes some Americans so unhappy that talk of secession — though never completely absent from the political discussion — gets a big bump in the “trending topics” lists. The year 2016 seems to be shaping up as secession’s best year since 1860. No wonder the polarisation is pretty clear. Still, the two candidates appear to have finished within about half of one p ... Read More

Trump may bring new things to the table

Wednesday, November 16, 2016    

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: AP)

Dear Editor, The recent success of the controversial Donald Trump at the United States polls reflects the sort of uncertainty and unpredictability of the American people. Certainly, the expectations and the results have confounded many who thought the win was a foregone conclusion for the Democrats; however, the people have spoken and have demonstrated that things are not as alright as many had thought. The factors that led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat are immense and should be used as a ... Read More

Jamaica’s working class wants more from representatives

Wednesday, November 16, 2016    

Dear Editor, The 21st century working class citizenry throughout Jamaica, who are contributing significantly to their various communities, are now reminding their political representatives across traditional party lines that politics is about representation of the people. Clearly, the working class social groups are now demanding that their political representatives, whom they pay to do a proper job, represent them to the best of their abilities. Believe me, the labouring class are now rese ... Read More

Is global politics going Russia’s way?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016    

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Dear Editor, With the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, I know for sure that at least one other world leader must be smiling — Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Surely, he got what he wished for with the results of those elections. At the present time, the world is going Russia’s way. Even though Russia has been denying it, there have been many claims that it — and by extension Putin — has been meddling in US internal affairs by being a significa ... Read More

Doctors, please, bad practices need to stop!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016    

Dear Editor, Pharmacists have been faced with a challenge by physicians not completely identifying him/herself on prescriptions. Why is this important? Here are several reasons: It is the law. The Pharmacy Act lays out in section 20 that a prescriber must put his/her name in print legible form, signature, telephone number, address, and registration number on every prescription written by the said prescriber. When a prescription does not properly identify the prescriber, then the pharmacist ha ... Read More

Trump, the great wise man

Donald Trump | Tuesday, November 15, 2016    

In this November 9, 2016, photo, President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a rally in New York. (Photo: AP)

Dear Editor, The greatest phenomenon to me is the surprise that Donald Trump won the presidential election of the United States of America in 2016. The winning is no shock to me, but a direct reflection of the society we live in. Money talks! Why is everyone so shocked and appalled? No one cares about who you are inside. What matters is how much money you have, and how much money you can make. Moral integrity is a thing of the past. People who stress the importance of righteous living are hyp ... Read More

When life equals to a piece of bread

Tuesday, November 15, 2016    

Dear Editor, I am concerned about a dangerous and unperceived implication surrounding the tragic, robbery-related stabbing death of the third form, Jamaica College student on October 26, 2016 while on his way from school in a bus. Many well-wishers across the nation joined the deceased boy’s father and his principal in lamenting how relatively minuscule the worth of the intended targets of theft was. I know that it was not their intention, but it seemed as if the criminal actions of the r ... Read More

Cloud of uncertainty must awake national movement

Monday, November 14, 2016    

Dear Editor, It is now official, Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States of America. I, like many people in the US and across the world, am still trying to fathom the idea of a Trump presidency after eight years of Barack Obama. I can vividly remember the feeling of euphoria I felt here in Jamaica when Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States. He became the first African-American president of a notoriously racially charged society. At the time of his election, ma ... Read More



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