Letters to the Editor

Land tax increase chaos created by both parties

There is no doubt that the tax measures are harsh. That the Government failed to have assessed the real impact, particularly of property taxes.

Dear Editor, Over numerous decades since Independence both governments have injected the notion in the minds of Jamaicans that taxing one’s property realistically is almost sacrilegious. Doing that would be the surest way to lose an election. They resorted to imposing ridiculously low land ta ... Read More

Deal with the unfinished electoral business
Dear Editor, We should not wait until the next local government election to resurrect the issue of ... Read More

Look at availability of drugs for JADEP members
Dear Editor, In 1996 the Government established the Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme (JADEP). ... Read More

We need a debt hero
Dear Editor, In 1981, when I was born, Jamaica’s debt-to-GDP was about 70 per cent. Some 10 y ... Read More

A few tips for Commissioner Quallo

Wednesday, April 19, 2017    

George Quallo

Dear Editor, This is an open letter to new Police Commissioner George Quallo. Dear Commish,   Let community-based policing be the hallmark of your tenure, and re-establish the Neighbourhood Watch programme. Part of the problem we have with crime and violence in this country is that we have demonised the giving of information to the police, coupled with the fact that the police in some instances do not know how to treat information they receive with confidentiality. That has to change ... Read More

Give gifts of land for Jamaica 55

Wednesday, April 19, 2017    

Is your farm idle land?

Dear Editor, Five years ago, the country celebrated its 50th year of Independence and we, retired professionals, wrote suggesting that an acre of Crown land be given to each of those born in 1962 and encourage them to grow something to develop the productive sector. We write again and hope that thousands of acres of arable ‘idle’ land with available water will be given to the people who are 55 years old, and ready to work hard in agriculture. We suggest the following for the 67,0 ... Read More

PM’s Tivoli apology not for me!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017    

THWAITES ... outstanding at education ministry

Dear Editor, The former Minister of Education Mr Ronald Thwaites in his Gleaner column (Monday, April 10, 2017) referred to some unresolved issues. By way of introduction, reference was made to the Coral Gardens incident of some 50 years ago for which the prime minister has made a public apology. Mr Thwaites went on to ask about the Tivoli Gardens case which was pending — also for an apology. This involved the incident with the security forces breaking into Tivoli Gardens on May 24, 20 ... Read More

The message of the empty tomb

Tuesday, April 18, 2017    

He is not here.

Dear Editor, Despite a move towards secularism over the years Jamaica still maintains a strong Judeo-Christian culture in which Jamaicans of all walks of life traditionally attend church at least twice per year — Easter and Christmas Sundays. Easter is often a time of personal reflection, as well as spiritual rebirth, and bears great significance for Christians worldwide. With Easter behind us it’s probably a good time to reflect a bit on the true meaning of Easter, which is the cr ... Read More

No good options in North Korea crisis

Tuesday, April 18, 2017    

Military vehicles carry missiles at a parade the day before the recent failed test.

Dear Editor, Both China and America are in a precarious position with regard to the crisis on the Korean peninsula. China does not want a nuclear-armed North Korea on its doorstep. It does not want to use the military option because North Korea, which already has nukes, would lash out. More economic sanctions, like cutting off food aid and oil supplies, would cause a mass of refugees flooding across the border. America is also without good options. Military force is not plausible because Seou ... Read More

Politicians make mockery of giving

Tuesday, April 18, 2017    

To some, Lent ends and welcomes the beginning of a bun and cheese festival.

Dear Editor, During this season of Easter I had a problem seeing politicians posting pictures of themselves issuing bun and cheese to the less fortunate among us and posting it on social media. Is it necessary to publicise those to whom you give for the rest of the world to see? Are they aware that these are human beings with feelings, and that the last thing any human being wants is to be used as a tool on the platform of politics? Did they solicit the permission from these individuals befo ... Read More

Re-evaluate approach to discipline in schools

Monday, April 17, 2017    

Corporal punishment has been effectively banned from schools.

Dear Editor, An 11-year-old boy was in a dispute with a friend and it ended up in the partial decapitation of a 14-year-old. In effect, two lives may have ended on that sad day. It is no secret that Jamaica’s flirtations with a most violent and murderous subculture has had an indelible impact on the nation’s young and most vulnerable. Not only are they victims, they are transformed into perpetrators; not only are they murdered, they become murderers. We must not accept this state ... Read More

The progress of St Thomas post-Lightbourne

Monday, April 17, 2017    

Morant Bay courthouse with a statue of National Hero Paul Bogle in front.

Dear Editor, Paul Bogle would have certainly taken pride and delight to know that a blood relative of his — Robert Lightbourne — had gone all out in trying to improve the eastern parish of St. Thomas — something that he Bogle had wanted nearly 100 years earlier. The genealogical connection: Lightbourne’s mother was Adelade Isabella Bogle (married Lightbourne). Historical facts show that as Minister of Trade and Industry (1962-72) Robert Lightbourne spearheaded various i ... Read More

Becoming a PG-13 society

Monday, April 17, 2017    

Dear Editor, Two of my female co-workers were watching a circulating video of a sexual assault on a minor on their mobile phones on two separate occasions. I heard the one who is a Christian, repeatedly saying “Jesus!” as she continued to watch the entire video. I heard the other co-worker, who is not a Christian, reasoning that it was good for her to see such things so that she could know and appreciate what it felt like. Even now, after so long, I still shake my head with pity at ... Read More

Muslims and Japan

Monday, April 17, 2017    

Dear Editor, There are a lot of circumstances around terrorist acts we are suffering lately in Europe, including the warped and sectarian reaction from a great part of the left wing, above all in Spain, and about the feeling of guilt they have been able to instil in Europe, but I shall confine myself to two of them. 1. We would need another Winston Churchill in Europe as he warned us about the Muslim invasion — because they have arrived to conquer, control, and subdue — in a simila ... Read More



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