Letters to the Editor

Land tax increase chaos created by both parties

There is no doubt that the tax measures are harsh. That the Government failed to have assessed the real impact, particularly of property taxes.

Dear Editor, Over numerous decades since Independence both governments have injected the notion in the minds of Jamaicans that taxing one’s property realistically is almost sacrilegious. Doing that would be the surest way to lose an election. They resorted to imposing ridiculously low land ta ... Read More

Deal with the unfinished electoral business
Dear Editor, We should not wait until the next local government election to resurrect the issue of ... Read More

Look at availability of drugs for JADEP members
Dear Editor, In 1996 the Government established the Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme (JADEP). ... Read More

We need a debt hero
Dear Editor, In 1981, when I was born, Jamaica’s debt-to-GDP was about 70 per cent. Some 10 y ... Read More

UK responds to deportation article

Monday, March 06, 2017    

Dear Editor, I found your article of 3 March on returnees misleading (‘Another mass deportation flight expected from the UK...’). The UK Government always encourages voluntary departure for those who have no legal basis to remain in the UK. If they do not wish to leave voluntarily, then we need to make other arrangements. Every case is carefully considered on its individual merits and all decisions are taken in accordance with the law. Of those returned, some are people who hav ... Read More

Keeping the GG not in Jamaica’s interest

Monday, March 06, 2017    

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen at the ceremonial opening of Parliament last month

Dear Editor, In recent weeks, Jamaicans learned just how much they’ll be dishing out as a nation for our expenses. The Government presented a budget of $710 billion for the fiscal year 2017-2018. Of this $710 billion it is expected that $225 billion will go to capital spending while the remaining $485 million will be for housekeeping affairs such as debt repayment. These figures appear quite conventional until one sees the money allocated to the governor general (GG). What’s shock ... Read More

Fix the family to fix crime

Friday, March 03, 2017    

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Dear Editor, The privilege was mine to present on ‘Vision 2030 and the Jamaica Stock Exchange’ at the JSE’s recent Investment and Capital Markets Conference. The realisation of this vision of making Jamaica ‘the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business’ has been on my mind ever since. Part of that appeal is making our environment safe for its citizens. In light of rampant commentary in the public space regarding crime, its root causes and to ... Read More

Totally unreasonable, Scotia

Friday, March 03, 2017    

Dear Editor, I recently went into the Bank of Nova Scotia located in my neck of the woods because I had a thousand dollar note and I needed change in the form of hundred dollar notes. To my surprise, I was informed by the teller that there is now a charge of $385. This meant that if I seriously wanted the change I would leave the bank with only $615. For me, it is not really an issue if the bank charges for some specific services that it offers, as I know that they have expenses as well as s ... Read More

Remember those secret MOUs signed by Phillips?

Friday, March 03, 2017    

Peter Phillips (File Photo)

Dear Editor, When Dr Peter Phillips was minister of national security from 2001-2007, he signed two secret memoranda of understanding in 2004 between Jamaica, the United Kingdom and the United States, relating to investigation of drug trafficking and organised crime, without informing the then prime minister and Cabinet. The MOUs gave local and foreign agencies the right to intercept all landline and cellular telephone conversations on local networks. When the new prime minister, Bruce Gold ... Read More

Complete shutdown of CRH unnecessary

Friday, March 03, 2017    

Cornwall regional Hospital

Dear Editor, People may wonder how engineers can come to a conclusion and make reasonable recommendations without all of the details. A case in point would be the suggestions I made with respect to Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH). Fumes were reported to be making staff and patients ill at the CRH. The central AC system was pointed out as the culprit, having been restarted a few years ago. This was not sufficient to make any comment and the exact identification of the fumes was not available ... Read More

Trini Carnival another diamond in the rough

Friday, March 03, 2017    

Carnival will continue in Trinidad

Dear Editor, The competency gap between the private and public sectors is widening to a point where the ineptitude of the public sector is overwhelming. Carnival in Trinidad is one area where the inefficiencies were glaring. At the private sector carnival fetes, for example, the stages for the artists are well lit with digital lighting and modern electronic backdrop, while at the Dimanche Gras the wooden stage looked like a relic from the 60s. The Panorama competition is another area where ... Read More

Stand Up for Jamaica supports call for transparency in correctional services

Thursday, March 02, 2017    

Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security Senator Pearnel Charles Jr (centre) inspects a guard of honour formed by newly commissioned correctional officers during a ceremony in St Ann recently..

Dear Editor, Stand Up for Jamaica has taken note of and stands in support of calls by Pearnel Charles Jr, minister of state in the Ministry of National Security, for greater transparency in the operations of Jamaica’s correctional facilities. We welcome wholeheartedly the steps announced by the minister to address the state of dysfunction which continues to permeate the correctional institutions. The system-wide review and crackdown on corrupt and criminal activities is long overdue and ... Read More

Tufton’s statement appeared insensitive

Thursday, March 02, 2017    

TUFTON ... we called in a number of experts

Dear Editor, I am disturbed by a statement attributed to the Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton during a town hall meeting held at the Montego Bay Civic Centre last Thursday. According to an article in another newspaper, Tufton reportedly said: “The concentrated levels of the particles are not life-threatening and, therefore, it is inconvenient, it is an irritant, but one could still function in that environment.” He was making reference to the noxious fumes caused by the fi ... Read More

A horse of a different colour

Thursday, March 02, 2017    

Dear Editor, It was with some degree of amusement that I watched an item of news on one of our television stations on the evening of February 27, 2017. It featured some ministry work of a religious nature, in which this guy was preaching and pushing people over, in very much the same way you see televangelists do it on their programmes. What made this particular act different was that the person doing the pushing was no less a person than a police corporal, in full uniform. My amusement stemme ... Read More



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