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Kirky D’s Passion for Fashion

Kirky D

Kirky D celebrates his birthday on May 21 with the annual Passion For Fashion event at United Banquet Hall in Hartford, Connecticut. “This is my annual birth-night extravaganza that I have been keeping for over a decade. I did the first one in 1996 at the Extremes Nightclub in Portmore,&rdquo ... Read More

Poor customer service at RGD — Gov't worker
Dear Claudienne I am an employee of the Ministry of Health, St James Health Department. There is a ... Read More

Money Mission: Embrace
the Opportunities in Change Money Mission: Embrace the Opportunities in Change
As we continue to look at strategies that can help you to accomplish the financial goals that you se ... Read More

FLOW Loyalty reward unaffected by billing error
Dear Claudienne I received a Flow bill due on April 28, 2013, for a total of $3,157.63. The bill ha ... Read More

Is Your Personal Information Secure?

By Tameka Gordon Assistant business co-ordinator | Tuesday, April 09, 2013    

Identity theft has been deemed one of the fastest growing criminal activities locally by law enforcers. From using old debit cards to get through ATM doors to covering the keypad when entering your PIN, individuals are being urged to take steps to protect their financial information. There seems to be some amount of misconception that cyber crimes are concentrated overseas, and that the local financial landscape is somewhat immune from identity fraud, but senior superintendent Fitz Bailey said ... Read More

Tips For Accumulating Wealth

Tuesday, April 09, 2013    

The global financial markets have been ravaged by stormy seas for the past 4 years. As we enter the second quarter of 2013, here are some tips to help you navigate these tumultuous waters as you journey towards creating, sustaining and increasing your wealth. 1. Consistently put aside funds in interest-bearing accounts: Pay yourself first and have your money work for you. Don't underestimate how much money you can earn by saving. See the example below for an idea of how much money you can earn ... Read More

Avoid last-minute retirement planning

BY TAMEKA GORDON Assistant business co-ordinator | Sunday, March 31, 2013    

There can never be too much saving for retirement.

PLANNING for retirement maybe the last thing on your mind the first day of your professional life, but it should actually be at the foremost of your mind as you greet your new boss, say financial experts. In the same way that some people dread making a will, for fear of the inevitable, retirement planning appears to also conjure horror of the impending downhill trod into old age, an aspect of life that the young and adventurous would prefer not to think about. But the earlier you begin to save ... Read More

Match your bandwidth with your pocket

By Shamille Scott Business reporter | Sunday, March 31, 2013    

The more the number of persons and the number of devices as
well as the rate at which the Internet is used will call for
higher bandwidths.

The amount of bandwidth you really need is largely dependent on how many devices and users access your Internet service. More persons and more devices mean higher bandwidth. So you should definitely take the numbers into consideration when selecting your package. But even with Internet packages, you can run the risk of wastage. People want wireless Internet in their home so that all members of the family can access the Internet on various devices, tablets and smartphones and now even smart te ... Read More

Second mortgage: A useful investment tool

BY TAMEKA GORDON Assistant business co-ordinator | Sunday, March 24, 2013    

Second mortgages basically allow owners to leverage the equity they have built up in their property.

THE equity built up in real estate could provide an avenue for further wealth creation by way of a second mortgage. Depending on one's financial comfort and ability to repay, borrowing against your real estate assets could facilitate "debt refinancing, seed money to start a business, or even capital to invest in other real estate opportunities," Jamaica National's Earl Samuels told the Sunday Finance. He explained that second mortgages basically allow owners to leverage the equity they have bu ... Read More

Control the cost of your data plan

BY SHAMILLE SCOTT Business reporter | Sunday, March 24, 2013    

Assessing your
smartphone activities
can guide your choice
of data plans.

PEOPLE consume data on their smartphone in a number of ways, some more than others. Picking the wrong data plan could end up costing you thousands of dollars a year in unused bandwidth or overages. These days, phones aren't just made to give a friend a ring. Now, you can send a friend a video, share a high- definition picture or drop a line in an e-mail. Because of this, telecommunication companies provide customers with data plans that give them access to the Internet, e-mail and social media ... Read More

Incorporate the Corporates

With Dian Blackwood | Sunday, March 24, 2013    

WITH JDX and NDX behind their backs (well almost), investors are hungry for new ideas, new investments and most of all, a safe and secure place for their money. Traditionally, sovereign debt has been thought of as the most secure investment that an investor can make. The ongoing euro debt crisis and the successive debt exchanges taking place in the Caribbean region have shown that this may not necessarily be the case. Investment grade rated corporate debt is a good alternative for investors see ... Read More

NCB Cap Markets starts investor series

Wednesday, March 20, 2013    

GOODEN... we want to empower our
customers by presenting varied
investment options

NCB Capital Markets last week staged the first in a series of investments talks aimed at encouraging its clients to diversify their portfolios, mitigate risks and take advantage of the opportunities arising from the recent National Debt Exchange (NDX). "We want to empower our customers by presenting varied investment options which can be accessed through NCB Capital Markets," said NCB Capital Markets deputy CEO Steven Gooden. "The current macroeconomic environment to some might reflect doom an ... Read More

Your pension, post NDX

By Tameka Gordon Assistant business coordinor | Sunday, March 17, 2013    

Pension funds are among the casualties of the National Debt Exchange (NDX), resulting in smaller pension payouts, say financial advisors. The NDX aims to lower the annual finance costs of Government by $17 billion, by shaving an average of two percentage points off interest rates on $860 billion of its domestic debt. Janice Mills, manager of Jamaica National Building Society's (JNBS) New Kingston branch, noted that most pension funds are invested in Government of Jamaica (GOJ) bonds. "As inte ... Read More

Poll Results - SAVINGS PLANS

Sunday, March 17, 2013    

HAVE YOU BEEN STICKING TO THE SAVINGS PLANS YOU STARTED THE YEAR WITH? YES — I haven’t deviated at all SOMEWHAT — I try but unforeseen changes have impacted my plans NO — I am way off track Click here  to vote in the next poll Read More



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